Each Sunday a new weekly timetable will be sent out to you by email with days and times of when each class below will take place.

  • Strength Focused Class - 45 Minutes

    Build a stronger more resilient body. Classes will take the approach of layering strength movements allowing you to stick with the move that suits you best. Expect classical moves, modifications of the classical moves and creative movements in classes. Exercises will help to clean up structural imbalances in the body leading to better movement and less pain. We use resting time to improve mobility/flexibility. Both strength and breathe well classes complement eachother and combined you will experience the best results.

  • Breathe Well Class - 30 Minutes

    Due to stress and our environment we begin to move less and breathe poorly having a negative effect on the quality of our lives. My goal is to help you subconsciously breathe better through the work of a number of specialised breathing exercises. Improving diaphragmatic breathing and alignment of the body will decrease pain, reduce stress levels, improve sleep,digestion & pelvic floor health. Classes are heavily influenced by physical therapy and bio-mechanics. Expect moments of mobility work. All moves done in class can be found in the exercise library.

  • Morning Standing Routine - 15 minutes

    Helping you to enhance your mornings and days with standing mobility and breath work. Expect improved energy levels and a change in the quailty of how you move and breath throughout the day. Once you try it, you will never go a week without adding movement to one or more of your mornings. I started doing morning standing live routines back during the first lockdown on my instgram and contined throughout each lockdown that came after. Now 2 years later I have a platfrom to bring them to you again, straight o your homes.


    Miss a class? Don't worry because classes can be caught up on in the demand section. Weeks worth of classes will be available to catch up on.


    Become confident with the breathing exercises taught in classes, the reasons behind them and how to perform them with modifications and progressions.


    Do you have a question on your mind? I leave classes open at the very end for questions so that I can go through things with you while seeing you on the screen. You can also leave me a question or comment and interact with other members on your dashboard under each section.


    You will notice I love to bring snippets education into my classes. If you want to understand the body and the why behind the classes in more depth, go to the educational series block on your dashboard.


    Access both 1.0 & 2.0 breathe well challenges in your membership at no extra cost. Both challenges include x7-10 minute breathing classes. Perfect to fit into your day at anytime. Improving how you breathe will allow your body regulate its reaction to stress and fatigue, decrease chronic pain felt in the body, improve sleep, food digestion and alignement of the body. And thats just a handful of benefits to be gained.

Course curriculum

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    • Welcome / Log In / Dashboard Tour

    • About Classes/Timetable/Benefits

  2. 2
    • 15 Minute Standing Routine (x6 reps x 5 exercises x2 rounds)

    • 30 Minute breathing & strength express class

  3. 3
    • Live Timetable

    • Important To Read

    • Props & Supports Used In Class

    • How To Use Hand Towels For Support - Head/Low Back/Pelvis/Wrists

  4. 4
    • A gentle visualization that will bring you on a journey within. An opportunity to let go and release any worries or anxieties. It is to help bring calm and peace to the mind. - Created by Clare Meleady soley for Members on here. (20minutes)

  5. 5
    • 25th April

    • 3rd May

    • 11th May

    • 17th May

    • 23rd May

    • 31st May

    • 10th June

    • 14th June

    • 20th June

    • Pre Record 27th June - 3rd July

    • 5th July

    • 12 July

    • 19th July

    • 26th July

    • 9TH August

    • 16TH August

    • 24th August (5 exercises 1 min each x3 times)

    • 31st August

    • 14th September

    • 20th September

    • 28th Septmeber

    • 3rd October

    • 10th October

    • 19th October

    • 24th October

    • 3rd Nov

    • 7th Nov (moving through 3 planes at the ribacge and pelvis + foot awakening work)

    • 15 Nov (rolls downs, rotations, side bends, foot work)

    • 21st Nov (roll downs, rotations, wall cogs)

    • 28th Full body experience

    • 5th December

    • 14th December

    • 20th December

    • 26th-1st December

    • 9th-15th Jan *new spinal spirals

    • 16th-22nd Jan

    • 23rd-29th Jan (foot work, roll downs, empty arms, sidebends)

    • 30th-5th Jan/Feb (new standing breathing exercise included)

    • 6th-12th Feb

    • 13th-19th feb

    • 22nd feb

    • 2nd March

    • 9th March

    • 14th March

    • 22nd March

    • 27th March

  6. 6
    • (21st) Foot work, Supine Breathing drills, adductors 7 hamstrings.

    • (Pre record 28th April) Rock back variations, floor cog variations & front breathing crawls

    • ****Pre Record 5th May*****

    • 12th May

    • 18th May

    • 24th May

    • 02 June

    • 9th June

    • 15th June

    • Pre Record Week 27th June - 3rd July

    • 7th July

    • 15th July

    • 22nd July

    • 28th July

    • 1st August

    • 4th August

    • 14th August (Breathing supine and cross body, hamstrings and foot work)

    • 25th August (Spinal rolls, side lying breathing, Glutes, feet)

    • 31st August (Glutes, Inner thighs,hamstrings and breathing)

    • 14th September (pullbacks, glutes and single sided ribflare work)

    • 24th Septmeber x2 new exercises

    • 28th (Expanding into the back, bringing the structure back in space)

    • 04 october (Rock back variations, hamstrings, knee rolls, arms swings, spinal rolls)

    • 13th Oc

    • 19th Ocotber (Wall cogs, supine breathing, hamstrings and inner thighs, illiac pullbacks)

    • 25th October (cross body connect, rock back, staning work, empty arms, quad exercise)

    • 3rd Nov (Supine breathing, side lying knee slides, rotations, foot work)

    • 5th November (roll down to side plank variations, core, mobility, breathing)

    • 9th Nov ( working on flarred ribs, exspansion through right side of body and stuck right pelvis right)

    • Nov 17th (feet,roll backs, rock backs and knee rolls)

    • 24th Nov (side breathing styles)

    • 30 nov

    • 5th dec (signle sided breathing focused)

    • 15 Dec (lots of ribacge and pelvis movements, glutes and breathing)

    • 20th December (Roll backs, rock backs, hamstrings and pelvis work)

    • 12th Jan (standing foot and leg work, rock back and all fours breathing.)

    • 18th Jan ( hands and knees breathing, standing foot and glute work, supine reaches, spinal rolls and hamstring work)

    • 28th Jan ( rock back, supine, feet,empty arms + new standing exercise)

    • 1st Feb ( standing foot and glute work, rock back, supine breathing and core series + spinal rolls)

    • 7 Feb ( cross body, hamstrings, rock bakc, feet and glutes.)

    • 13th Feb (working on expanding into both sides of the body)

    • 21ST Feb

    • 2nd March (rock backs, hamstrings, feet, all fours breathing and core)

    • 09th March (rockbacks, floor cogs, hamstrings, arch reaches)

    • 14th March (x2 new exercises)

    • 22nd March (standing 15 min mat 15 min, new rock back exercise)

    • 27th March (seated breathing, standing leg work, floor breathing and mobility)

  7. 7
    • 26th

    • 3rd May

    • 11th May

    • 16th May

    • 23rd May

    • 31st May

    • Sunday 12th PRE RECORD

    • 13th June

    • 20th July

    • Pre Record 27th June - 3rd July

    • 22nd june

    • 4th June

    • 13th July

    • 19th July

    • 26th July

    • 2nd August

    • 9th August (bridge variations, roll ups/spinal roll backs combinations, double arm reach)

    • 16TH August (side bend variations, spinal mobilty, core & pelvic floor combinational work)

    • 18th of August (supine & prone breathing drills, hamstrings + roll downs)

    • 28th August (Hand and knees breathing + core, side lying work, roatational work)

    • 30th August (Hip rotations, core & breathing, side plank combo)

    • 16th September (core,hamstrings, breathing, combinational moves, spinal mobility)

    • 20th September

    • 1st October (Rolldowns to walkouts, bridges, side plank rotations, roll ups, hamstring work)

    • 8 october (Standing work/breathing, spinal rolls, side lying hip work, supine core)

    • 15th October (roll downs, foot work, hinging, roll ups, heel slides, side bends, all four walks)

    • 22nd October (lots of deadbug variations to challenge stability of the core)

    • 24th october (side bend/ski slope slant flow, hamstrings, spinal mobility)

    • 12 Nov (spinal mobility/strength focused, hipe exstension work + combinational movements)

    • 19th Nov (side planks, front and supine mirror exercise, roll ups, lower body wall work)

    • 26Nov (Birdog variations, roll up flows)

    • 3rd December (20min standing -stacking, glutes ans breathing, +mat flow )

    • 8th December (Hip extension, rotation work and spinal mobility focused)

    • 14th Dec (spinal mobility + strength focused )

    • 20th Dec (Building into a flow, box core work, breathing, side lying)

    • 10th January (All four breathing, spinal rolls, supine and sid

    • Jan 17th (hands and knees breathing, spinal mob, leg slides, side bend series, mix of legs)

    • 24th Jan (boxed core flow, side bends with rotation, supine core & breathing)

    • 31st Jan (foot stretches, frontal/sideplank series, rotation, supine core work)

    • 6 Feb ( STACK STACK STACK, and moving through stacks)

    • 14th Feb (bridge series, side plank series & roll up series)

    • 22nd feb

    • 3rd March (Elements of strength breathe and mobility throughout)

    • 8th March ( x5 exercises x3 times + more)

    • 13th March (new inner thigh exercise)

    • 23rd March

    • 27th March

  8. 8
    • 29th Tuesdays Strength (45min) Knee, wrist & Shoulder Friendly

    • Foot Work Class (30min)

    • Wake Up My Spine (30min)

    • My Favourite 10 Exercises (20min)

  9. 9
    • Intro

    • Day 1 (9 Exercises x2 Minutes Each)

    • Day 2 (9 Exercises x1 in each x2 rounds) *great if your stuck for time and want an energizing session

    • Day 3 ( 6 Exercises x3mins each) Spinal mobility and strength work

    • Day 4 ( x9 exercises 2 mins each) The lazy workout aka.. all supine position haha!

    • Day 5 (each exercises is 1 or 2 mins long) Standing Routine

    • Day 6 Hip Mobility (moments of core and breathing) *props needed outlined below

    • Day 7 Strength&Mobility

  10. 10

    • DAY 1 10-MIN

    • DAY 2 10-MIN

    • DAY 3 10-MIN

    • DAY 4 10-MIN

    • DAY 5 10-MIN

    • DAY 6 10-MIN

    • DAY 7 10-MIN

    • Feedback

  11. 11
    • INTRO 2.0

    • Day 1 - 10MIN

    • DAY 2 - 10MIN

    • DAY 3 - 10MIN

    • DAY 4 - 10MIN

    • DAY 5 - 10MIN

    • DAY 6 - 10MIN

    • DAY 7 - 10MIN

  12. 12
    • Welcome

    • Day 1 ( Chair breathing / roll downs )

    • DAY 2 (Side lying breathing focused)

    • DAY 3 (rock back breathing, spinal rolls and ribcage mobility exercise)

    • DAY 4 (supine and prone breathing drills to get the ribs moving both sides.)

    • DAY 5 (Standing breathing + foot work, and knee slides + breathing )

    • DAY 6 (cross body connect supine, rotations and rock back)

    • DAY 7 (Supine breathing and knee rolls)

  13. 13
    • Upload your video below for corrections

  14. 14
    • Intro

    • Breathing Techniques

    • Pressure Management

    • Protraction & Retraction Of The Shoulder Blades

    • Cross Body Connect

    • Arm Reach

    • Rockback Breathing

    • Rock back Breathing + Sidebend

    • Knee Rolls

    • Supine Breathing

    • Standing Chambers

    • Floor Cogs & Alternating Floor Cogs

    • Hooklying Breathing + Hamstrings

    • Supine Breathing / One Sided Rib Flare

  15. 15
    • How The Ribcage Moves Static & Walking

    • How The Foot Moves As You Walk Down The Street

  16. 16
    • Cancellation Policy


  • Can I Cancle My Membership?

    Yes of course! Anytime on the monthly DD option. Once you cancel you won’t be charged again, but you are responsible for whatever charges have already been incurred for the current billing period. For example, if you sign up on the 20th of the month that means your billing cycle is on the 20th of every month. If you cancel your account on the 24th, you’ll still have to pay for the current month, but you won’t be charged again after that. There is no refunds once payment has been made.