The Post Natal Hub was created to give women the support needed after giving birth, to heal and prevent postnatal symptoms such as poor breathing, pelvic floor dysfunction, and joint pain. I recommend you complete a minimum of 3 months of continued support before continuing onto the pilates membership or previous enjoyed activities.

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    • Full Lesson Grab a cuppa!

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    • Props Needed For Class


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    • 10th October (pelvic floor work, spinal mobility, breathing & core work, hip and pelvis mobility )

    • 19th October (peliv floor, breathing, heel slides, illiac pullbacks, roation, scap pro & retraction)

    • 24th October (breathing, core, side bends, hamstrings)

    • 3rd Nov ( Supine Breathing, Side lying work, hands and knees breathing, core)

    • 7th Nov ( foot work, supine breathing, hands and knees breathing, core & side planks)

    • 15th November (breathing, feet, core, spinal mob, hamstrings & inner thighs)

    • 21st November ( standing glute and foot work, hands and knees breathing, spinal mobility, pull backs)

    • 5th December (Chair chair and standing hinging and breathing, mat core work)

    • 14th Decemeber (Leg slides, hands and knees breathing, knee rolls and standing glute hinging)

    • 20th December (rock back breathing, hamstrings, core and foot work)

    • Pre record week 26th-1st Dec

    • Pre record 1st-8th Dec

    • 10th Jan ( Hands and knees and side lying breathing & supine and side lying core)

    • 17th Jan ( hands and knees breathing, core, spinal mobility, standing glute and foot work, knee rolls & side planks)

    • Jan 24th (hands ans knees, supine breathing with feet elevated, hamstrings, inner thighs and side bends with rotation)

    • 31st Jan Recap of exercises (standing/lying down)

  5. 5
    • DAY 1 (Chair breathing / rolls downs)

    • DAY 2 (Side lying breathing focused)

    • DAY 3 (rock back breathing, spinal rolls and ribcage mobility exercise)

    • DAY 4 (Supine and prone single sided breathing exercises, getting the ribs to internally rotate)

    • DAY 5 (Standing breathing + foot work, and knee slides + breathing )

    • DAY 6 (cross body connect supine, rotations and rock back)

    • DAY 7 (Supine breathing and knee rolls)

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    • Pelvic Floor Functions

    • What Is A Kegel? How Do You Do A Kegel, And Different Levels Of A Kegel

    • 5 Minute - Relax & Strengthen Pelvic Floor Visualisation Exercise

    • 5 Minute - Strengthen PF muscles exercises

    • How To Isolate Front & Back PF Muscles

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    • 20 Minute Body Scan Meditation

    • 20 Minute Visualization Meditation For Anxiety

  8. 8
    • Intro - How It Works

    • Test 1 - Photos

    • Test 2 - Supine Breathing

    • Test 3 - Supine Breathing + Brace

    • Test 4 - Hands And Knees Breathing

    • Test 5 - Checking For Diastisis Recti

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  • Lives

    A weekly live 30 minute class will be given on Mondays @10am. Subject to change. Details emailed in advance. The 15 minute morning standing routines are pre recorded and can be accessed every Monday on your dashboard.

  • Recordings

    All live classes are saved to catch up on. I recommend you to repeat the recording once, getting x2 30 minute classes done each week for optimmune results in the healing and prevention of postnatal symptoms.

  • Monthly Check-In

    Each month I will ask you to send me photographs, videos + Diastisis test for me to assess. A zoom meeting is then scheduled to chat about each test with time given for any questions you may have. A great way for you and I to see your ongoing progress and judge when you are safe to continue to previous activities.

  • Educational

    Understand the changes in your body over the past 9 months, the why behind exercises in class and how my method works to heal and prevent postnatal symptoms.

  • Meditations By Clare Meleady

    Clare's journey started 20 years ago while in secondary school. After college, she began holistic health to help improve her health while living with chronic illness. Clare Trained in Reflexology & began Tai Chi & Qi Gong in early 20's . Since then delving deeper into meditation practices, holistic health, yoga, breathwork, energy work, chanting , mindful living, & connecting with nature & our Celtic calendar . Spent life changing time in an Ashram in India in 2017 and took till 2021 to begin official 200hr yoga teacher training graduating Dec 2021, Biggest love is mantra and Chanting work and of course Rupert the dog!

  • Kegel Exercises

    Learn what a kegel is, how to do one and follow along to kegel exercise audios. Learn to strengthen and also relax the pelvic floor muscles.

  • The Pilates Membership

    Once you and I are confident that you are healed and safe to move onto more vigorous exercise, I recommend The Pilates Membership which you can read more on below. I would love to give you a 50% DISCOUNT, so that you can continue your pilates journey at just €10 a month.