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Classes will give you the support you need after giving birth, to heal and prevent postnatal symptoms such as poor breathing, pelvic floor dysfunction, and joint pain.

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    • Full Lesson Grab a cuppa!

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    • Class 1 (pelvic floor work, spinal mobility, breathing & core work, hip and pelvis mobility )

    • Class 2 (pelvic floor, breathing, heel slides, illiac pullbacks, roation, scap pro & retraction)

    • Class 3 (breathing, core, side bends, hamstrings)

    • Class 4 ( Supine Breathing, Side lying work, hands and knees breathing, core)

    • Class 5 ( foot work, supine breathing, hands and knees breathing, core & side planks)

    • Class 6 (breathing, feet, core, spinal mob, hamstrings & inner thighs)

    • Class 7 ( standing glute and foot work, hands and knees breathing, spinal mobility, pull backs)

    • Class 8 (Chair chair and standing hinging and breathing, mat core work)

    • Class 9 (Leg slides, hands and knees breathing, knee rolls and standing glute hinging)

    • Class 10 (rock back breathing, hamstrings, core and foot work)

    • Class 11 (hamstring work, single sides breathing, illiac pullbacks, hands and knees breathing & side work)

    • Class 12 (Standing hinges, chair breathing, hamstrings, side breathig, cross body breating)

    • Class 13 ( Hands and knees and side lying breathing & supine and side lying core)

    • Class 14 ( hands and knees breathing, core, spinal mobility, standing glute and foot work, knee rolls & side planks)

    • Class 15 (hands ans knees, supine breathing with feet elevated, hamstrings, inner thighs and side bends with rotation)

    • Class 15 (standing/lying down)

    • Class 16 (prone,supine and side lying breathing, core, standing glutes and foot work)

    • Class 17 (lots of single sided breathing work, hamstring & foot)

    • Class 18 ( full body, new q/prop for standing glute work)

    • Class 19 (supine core work, hamstrings, lateral abdominals box postition, and lost of breathing)

    • Class 20 (rockback, hamstrings, all four breathing, side lyig breathig + side bends)

    • Class 21 ***new exercises***

    • Class 22 (Chair breathing, standing leg wor, rockback, supine core work)

    • Class 23 (Standing hinges, pelvis mobility,side lyig breathing, core on all fours & side bends)

    • Class 24 (new rock back, supine breathing and hgamstrings, sidebends, standing glute, foot and calf work)

    • Class 25 (new glute prop, side lying roations + breathing & hamstrings)

    • Class 26 (Side lying, hamstringss, core, pull backs)

  3. 3
    • DAY 1 (Chair breathing / rolls downs)

    • DAY 2 (Side lying breathing focused)

    • DAY 3 (rock back breathing, spinal rolls and ribcage mobility exercise)

    • DAY 4 (Supine and prone single sided breathing exercises, getting the ribs to internally rotate)

    • DAY 5 (Standing breathing + foot work, and knee slides + breathing )

    • DAY 6 (cross body connect supine, rotations and rock back)

    • DAY 7 (Supine breathing and knee rolls)

    • 21st April (building into new exercise supine breathing high arm reach + hamstrings)

  4. 4
    • Pelvic Floor Functions

    • What Is A Kegel? How Do You Do A Kegel, And Different Levels Of A Kegel

    • 5 Minute - Relax & Strengthen Pelvic Floor Visualisation Exercise

    • 5 Minute - Strengthen PF muscles exercises

    • How To Isolate Front & Back PF Muscles

  5. 5
    • 20 Minute Body Scan Meditation

    • 20 Minute Visualization Meditation For Anxiety

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  • Kegel Exercises

    Learn what a kegel is, how to do one and follow along to kegel exercise audios. Learn to strengthen and also relax the pelvic floor muscles.

  • The Pilates Membership

    Once you and I are confident that you are healed and safe to move onto more vigorous exercise, I recommend The Pilates Membership which you can read more on below. I would love to give you a 50% DISCOUNT, so that you can continue your pilates journey at just €10 a month.

  • 10 Minute breathing exercise videos

    You will see a huge push in breathing exercies in the 27 classes. Specialised breathing drills taught help relign the body after pregancy. The 10 minute classes were created for when you are short on time, quick and effective. Due to stress and our environment we begin to move less and breathe poorly having a negative effect on the quality of our lives. My goal is to help you subconsciously breathe better through the work of a number of specialised breathing exercises. When you begin to regain a good breathing pattern your life dramatically improves. Expect to sleep and digest your food better than before, to feel less stressed and a decrease in chronic felt pain. Classes are heavily influenced by physical therapy and bio-mechanic

  • Meditation

    Access a 20 minute body scan and 20 minute visulisation meditation by Clare Melody.