What To Expect In Classes

Classes will bring you through specialized breathing techniques, targeted strength exercises, and mobility drills. These sessions are thoughtfully designed to support your postpartum healing, addressing crucial aspects like posture, breathing, strength, and the management of internal pressures.  My goal is to guide you through a journey of recovery, supporting you in regaining strength, improving mobility, and nurturing overall well-being as you embrace the transformative stages of postpartum life.

  • Physical Healing: Assist in the post-birth recovery process by addressing muscle imbalances and promoting overall physical healing.

  • Core Strength: Strengthen the core muscles, particularly the pelvic floor, to aid in the recovery of abdominal separation.

  • Pain Relief: Alleviate common postnatal discomforts such as back pain, joint pain, and muscle tension.

  • Pelvic Floor Health: Improve pelvic floor function, which is crucial for bladder and bowel control.

  • Regain 360 Breathing pattern: helping to manage load and pressures properly, preventing hernias, pain in joints and poor pelvic health.

  • Posture Improvement: Correct posture imbalances often acquired during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Rest assured that you're under the expert guidance of a certified pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist, backed by the bonus knowledge gathered from industry leaders. This fusion of expertise has shaped a uniquely effective approach tailored to your well-being.

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