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  • Due to stress and our environment we begin to move less and breathe poorly having a negative effect on the quality of our lives. My goal is to help you subconsciously breathe better through the work of a number of specialised breathing exercises. When you begin to regain a good breathing pattern your life dramatically improves. Expect to sleep and digest your food better than before, to feel less stressed and a decrease in chronic felt pain. Classes are heavily influenced by pyscial therapy and bio-mechanics.


    Practice for longer! Access 30 minute breathe well class recordings. Experience new exercises and different Q's helping you to execute the drill with a better understanding. If you would like to take part in these classes weekly live join me over on the Pilates Membership.

  • Support is given throughout by answering your questions you may have in the disscusion sections. It is important to ask questions so that you can carry on with your practice even after completing all challenges without doubt. You can also upload a video of you completing an exercise for me to check and correct if you are unsure.

  • Any updates and further challenges are added to your account at no extra charge.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • How To Access Account / Find Challanges / Ribcage Demo

  2. 2
    • DAY 1 10-MIN

    • DAY 2 10-MIN

    • DAY 3 10-MIN

    • DAY 4 10-MIN

    • DAY 5 10-MIN

    • DAY 6 10-MIN

    • DAY 7 10-MIN

    • Client Feedback / Review / Whats Next?

  3. 3
    • Day 1 - 10MIN

    • DAY 2 - 10MIN

    • DAY 3 - 10MIN

    • DAY 4 - 10MIN

    • DAY 5 - 10MIN

    • DAY 6 - 10MIN

    • DAY 7 - 10MIN

  4. 4
    • Welcome

    • DAY 1 (Chair breathing / rolls downs )

    • DAY 2 (Single sided breathing focused)

    • DAY 3 (rock back breathing, spinal rolls and ribcage mobility exercise)

    • DAY 4 (supine and prone breathing drills to get the ribs moving both sides.)

    • DAY 5 (Standing breathing + foot work, and knee slides + breathing )

    • DAY 6 (cross body connect supine, rotations and rock back)

    • DAY 7 (Supine breathing and knee rolls)

  5. 5
    • Class 1 (roll downs, supine and prone breathing drills & hamstrings)

    • Class 2 (Supine breathing, side lying knee rolls, foot work, rotations)

    • Class 3 (rock backs, supine cross body connect, arm swings, stan

  6. 6
    • A gentle visualization that will bring you on a journey within. An opportunity to let go and release any worries or anxieties. It is to help bring calm and peace to the mind. - Created by Clare Meleady soley for Members on here. (20minutes)

  7. 7
    • Technique Check


  • Can I still access even after I finish the challanges?

    Yes of course! You have access for life.

  • How many times a week is best to practice after completing the challenges?langes?

    Minimum x3 - 10 minute routines a week. But the more the better as we want to continue to improve and not loose what you have achieved completing the challanges.